Sewer Lines and Drain Cleaning

A scheduled sewer line and drain cleaning can help you to prevent clogs and more serious problems. This is the number one benefit of regular drain cleaning. With regular cleaning, you can prevent those annoying clogs from forming in the first place, and you can save money on more costly repairs that can occur if the clog leads to flooding or water damage.

A few of our available services include:

Auguring Machines

We can help you unplug sewer lines up to 250 feet. A lot of clogs simply require the expertise and high-end equipment of a plumber or drain specialist.

Camera In-Line

This technique is used when locating breaks or blockages in water and / or sewer lines. What is a plumbing camera? A plumbing camera is a sure and safe way for inspecting the state of your pipes. This specialized camera device allows the team of experts at Wiener’s Plumbing to check every part of your plumbing system to accurately diagnose the problem.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is a necessary part of plumbing maintenance. Over time, oils and grime can build up in drain lines, causing water to back up.

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