Irrigation Installation / Maintenance / Winterization

One of the most important tasks of maintaining your landscape investment is proper watering. Irrigation is not meant to replace natural rainfall, but when designed correctly it will provide water to your plant and lawn areas when natural rains do not occur. We offer both Commercial and Residential Irrigation services!

When you work with Wiener’s Plumbing, we keep it simple and work with you to get you on a start-up and close-down schedule! We offer system installations, maintenance and winterization!

Installation of Ground Irrigation Systems

We will regularly inspect, optimize, adjust, or repair any irrigation system. Our service team takes great pride in being able to conserve our valued water resources for future generations, while keeping the best interest of your landscape’s health in mind!

Maintenance and Servicing of Existing Irrigation Systems

Even the best irrigation system can waste water if they run too long or are operated incorrectly. You might be able to save water and money by regularly maintaining your irrigation system.

Winterization of Irrigation Systems in the Fall

As a rule, you should winterize your system at least a week before the first freeze is expected. Your grass will survive without regular watering during that time, as the plants are already preparing for the dry winter season.

Contact our office for irrigation start up as soon as possible to ensure that you get the day that works best for you before they are all booked up.

To help ensure that we can get to all our valued customers, we will begin pre-booking irrigation appointments each year on March 1.

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